HYKD-4 Full Hydraulic Underground Drilling Rig

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HYKD-4 Full Hydraulic Underground Drilling Rig

I.General Overview
HYKD-4 full hydraulic underground drilling rig is applied fields like coal, metallurgy, geology and engineering, etc. This underground drilling machine can also be used in large-diameter gas drainage and water injection hole of mine, tunnel and coal mine. It is also suitable for large-diameter horizontal drilling surface engineering.

Items Unit Data Remark
Rotary Torque N m 1340 When 490 r/min
Rotational Speed r/min 0-489-876
Lifting Capacity kN 98
Feeding Force kN 50
Rated Power of Electromotor kW 75 Y280S-4-35B
Rated RPM of Electromotor r/min 1478
Feeding Stroke mm 1800
Raising Speed of Drill Head Working mm/s 31.4
Max. mm/s 88
Lowering Speed of Drill Head Working mm/s 61.58
Max. mm/s 172.4
Hydraulic main Max MPa 28

Pump ERR100B

Max. Displacement

l/min 148  

Middle Pump A10VO18

Rated Pressure

MPa 28
Max. Displacement l/min 26.64

Rear Pump A10VO10

Rated Pressure

MPa 28

Max. Displacement



Lifting Capacity of Wireline Winch (single wire) t 0.8
Min. Speed of Wireline Winch m/min 91

Wireline Dia.



Max. Speed of Wireline Winch

Max. Displacement of Mud Pump l/min 160 When 2.5 MPa
Max. Pressure of Mud Pump MPa 10 When 44 l/min
Drill Angle ° 150 Continually adjustable
Drill Rod and Drill Capacity


Φ55.5 × 1500 BQ

500 m


Φ69.9 × 1500 NQ

400 m


Φ88.9 × 1500 HQ

250 m


Φ114.3 × 1500 PQ

150 m

Dimensions of Main Machine mm (L × W × H) 3730 × 1200 × 1850
Weight of Main Machine kgs 3500
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