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XY-4 spindle type core drilling rig is a new drilling rig with high speed. It is invented to stratify the state-of-art development of the geological industry and the user's demand. It has been identified by authority in 1976 and won the national silver medal in 1988.
XY-4 wireline drilling rig uses Deutz F4L 912 diesel engine or 30Kw electric motor. It has 8 rotary speed levels with the 1,588rpm at top and the 101rpm at the bottom. In virtue of its wide seed range, the drilling rig is suitable for various drilling for solid mineral deposits by means of diamond or tungsten-carbide tipped bit.
XY-4 wireline drilling rig can be also applied to engineering geological subterranean water explorations as well as explorations of shallow oil and natural gas. What's more, it can be used to drill holes for ventilation and drainage of main gallery, too.

1. The drilling rig has fast rotational speed and broad rotary range.
2. Thanks to its light weight and easy-disassembly, it can be easily carried and hence, it is suitable in the mountain area.
3. The core drilling rig has simple structure and reasonable layout. As a result, its maintenance and repair is effortless.
4. Its gravity center is low. It can move smoothly. This guarantees its steadies while working at the high speed.
5. Owing to wireline drilling rig's operation lever's concentration, it is reliable and convenient to operate it.
6. Fitted with meters, the circumstances can be controlled easily in hole.
7.  The transmission is separately driven for drilling rig and mud pump; it is easier for the location arrangement with less space occupying.

1. Basic parameter of Core Drilling Rig XY-4:
Depth of hole Φ42mm (1.65inch) drill rod: 1000 m (3280 feet)
Φ50mm (1.97 inches) drill rod: 700 m (2296 feet)
Angle range: 0°-360°
Dimensions of the wireline drilling rig (L×W×H): 2710×1100×1750mm (106.7×43.3×68.9 inch)
Weight (without power unit): 1500 kg (3308 lb)
2. Swivel head of Core Drilling Rig XY-4
Spindle speed (r/min)
Ⅰ. Driven by power machine speed 1500 r/min
Forward low speed: 101, 187, 267, 388
High speed: 311, 574, 819, 1191
Reverse low speed: 83
High speed: 251
Ⅱ. Driven by power machine speed 2000 r/min
Forward low speed: 135; 250; 355; 517
High speed: 415, 765, 1090, 1588
Reverse low speed: 110
High speed wireline drilling rig: 338
Spindle stroke: 600 mm (23.62 inch)
Spindle lifting capacity: Max. 80 kN (17984 lbf)
Spindle pull down force: Max.60 kN (13488 lbf)
Spindle torque of Core Drilling Rig XY-4
By power machine efficiency 29.4 kW (39.43HP), speeds 1500 r/min
2640: 1410: 980: 660 N•m (1946; 1037; 722; 486 lbf•ft)
830: 440: 300: 200 N•m (1946; 1037; 722; 486 lbf•ft)
Spindle I. D.: 68 mm (2.68 inch)
3. Hoist of Core Drilling Rig XY-4
Lifting capacity (single line)
By motor 29.4 kW (39.4HP), 1500 r/min: Max.30 kN (6744 lbf)
By diesel 44.1kW (59.1HP) , 2000 r/min : Max.33 kN (7418 lbf)
Lifting speed (3rd layer)
By motor 39.4 kW (52.8HP), 1500 r/min
0.82;1.51;2.16;3.15m/s (2.69; 4.95; 7.08; 10.33 feet/s)
By diesel 44.1kW (59.1HP), 2000 r/min
1.09; 2.02; 2.89; 4.18 m/s (3.58; 6.63; 9.48; 13.71 feet/s)
Wire rope dia: 16 mm (0.63 inch)
Drum capacity: 90 m (295 feet)
Drum dia: 285 mm (11.22 inch)
Brake rim dia.: 490 mm (19.29 inch)
Brake band width: 120 mm (4.72 inch)
4. Traveling device of the wireline drilling rig
Retraction cylinder stroke: 460 mm (18.11 inch)
Distance between drill and hole: 310 mm (12.20 inch)
5. Oil pump for Wireline Drilling Rig
Displacement: 32+12 L/min (8.5+3.2 US gallons/min)
Speed (r/min): 1500
Working pressure: 8 MPa (1160 psi)
Max. Pressure: 12 MPa (1742 psi)
6. Power unit

Name type Electric motorY200L-4 Diesel engineDeutz F4L 912
Efficiency 30 kW (40HP) 38 kW (51HP)
Speed (r/min) 1470 1800

Driving System
The wireline drilling rig's transmission system consists of mechanic driving system and hydraulic transmission system. Here only elucidate driving system in simple works.
The rotation of power unit is driven toward speed change box by elastic coupling, and then will be change into 4 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed.
The output shaft of speed change box is connect input shaft of transfer case with universal coupling , then the rotation will be driven toward hoister or swivel head. By operate the transfer case speed change level, the swivel head have 8 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds.
The oil pump of the wireline drilling rig is driven by V-rubber belt which is driven by band pulley.

XY-4 Core drill consists of seven basic assembly components:
1. Swivel head assembly
2. Transfer case assembly
3. Hoister assembly
4. Speed change box assembly
5. Hydraulic system
6. Power unit (incl. clutch)
7. Frame
In order to divide and set up conveniently, these components are joined by connectors such as spline, elastic couplong, universal coupling etc.
The wireline drilling rig is equipped with hydraulic chuck and lower hand chuck. In the course of normal operating, the lower chuck is no use, when drilling deep hole or pulling tools out of the hole, both chucks are used at the same time. On the instrument board are fitted with drilling pressure gauge, hydraulic systems pressure gauge and indicating meter. The drilling pressure of the wireline drilling rig is judged by pressure gauge and the pressure of which pull rods out of hole, loose hydraulic chuck and make up or break-out tools and judged by system pressure gauge.

Drill control system
Before operating wireline drilling rig for the first time, it is essential to have a good knowledge of various control levers' applications and positions so you will avoid damages. Upon operating levers, please pay attention to following cases.
1. Before starting drill, you should make sure that all levers are in right position, such as: at this moment, the clutch lever is in "off" and every speed change level should be in "neutral position" etc.
2. Speed can be only changed by shifting lever of the speed change box or the transfer case, after setting the clutch lever to "off" position and the gear speed is decreasing or stopping.
3. The wireline drilling rig hoister's lifting lever and braking lever can't be operated at the same time.
4. In the multi-changeover valve block, lever can't be operated at the same time except lever of the overflow valve's boost pressure.
5. Hoisting and lowering rod by the hoister the hoist and drill head clutch lever should be in "neutral gear".

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