HXY-9 Core Drilling Rig

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The HXY-9 spindle type core drilling rig is compact in construction and rational in overall arrangement. It is light and convenient to assemble. And the range of rotary speed is sound. It is equipped with water brake and has a normal-open cultch mechanism. The hoist of the drilling rig can be operated in low position to facilitate the movement of lifting and stopping the rig.

The HXY-9 compact core drilling rig is mainly used in the field of geology, metallurgy, coal mine, hydrological and engineering drilling by means of diamond bit or tungsten-carbide-tipped bit. It can also be used in the exploration of superficial-zone petroleum and natural gas, mine's ventilation and water discharge in tunnel drilling as well as foundation piling of large diameter.

Main Specifications (with 160KW/1480rpm electric motor)
Drilling depth: 2000~4000m (6560~13120feet)
Spindle dia: 118mm (4.65inch)
Positive: 73, 94, 132, 207, 333, 209, 267, 376, 589, 948
Negative: 69, 198
Spindle torque: Positive: 18088, 14150, 10044, 6417, 3986N·m (13330, 10429, 7402, 4729, 2938 lbf·ft) 6364, 4978, 3534, 2258, 1402 N·m (4690, 3669, 2605, 1664, 1033 lbf·ft)
Negative: 19109, 6723 N·m (14083, 4955 lbf·ft)
Hexagonal Kelly: Φ114x102mm (Φ4.49x4.02inch), Φ89x79 mm (Φ3.5x3.11inch)
Dia of drill rod: Φ102 Φ89 Φ71 mm (Φ4.02 Φ3.5 Φ2.8 inch)
Spindle stroke of compact core drilling rig: 1200mm (47.2inch)
Sliding stroke of drill rig: 800mm (31.5inch)
Max. Lifting force: 643KN (144546 lbf)
Max. Pressurizing force: 339KN (76207 inch)
Winding Drum capacity: 350m (1148 feet)
Steel wire dia.: 26mm (1.02 inch)
Max. Single-wire hoisting force (the third layer): 150KN (33720 lbf)
Single-wire lifting speeds of hoist: 0.75, 0.96, 1.35, 2.12, 3.4 m/s
(2.46, 3.15, 4.43, 6.95, 11.15feet/m)
Drilling angle (without vertical arm): 78°-90°
Dimensions (with electric motor): 5730x2040x3396mm (225.6x80.3x133.7inch)
Weight (with electric motor):  10.2T (22491 lb)
Dimensions (with diesel engine): 6088x2040x3396mm (239.7x80.3x133.7inch)
Weight (with diesel engine): 10.8T (23814 lb)
Power unit of the HXY-9 compact core drilling rig
Electric motor model: Y315L1-4
Power: 160KW (215HP)
Rotating speed of electric motor: 1480rpm
Diesel engine model:  Cummins 6CTA
Power of the compact core drilling rig: 178KW (240HP)
Rotating speed of diesel engine: 2200rpm

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