FDP-1500 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

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FDP-400 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

Main Structure Features:
Our main products consist of core drill rigs, multi-function full-hydraulic top driving rigs, engineering drill rigs, and trenchless horizontal directional drill rigs etc. All these make totally 4 series of products, including more than 80 varieties of models and types, and also drilling derricks, drilling tools and mud pumps etc.

Engine Power 4 × 450kW (Volvo Sweden) Max. Loading Torque 210000N·m
Max. Push/Pull 1500t Max. Unloading Torque 420000N·m
Max. Push / Pull Speed 36m/min (Gear I) 18m/min (Gear II) 17m/min (Gear III) 8.5m/min (Gear IV) Crane 6.3t
Max. Rotation Torque 210000N·m (Gear I) 105000N·m (Gear II) Mud Pump Max. Displacement 4000L/min
Spindle Rotational Speed 0 ~ 50rpm 0 ~ 100rpm Mud Pump Max. Pressure 20MPa
Mast Penetration Angle          8° ~ 16° Rod Max. Length 10.5m
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