HXY-42T Core Drilling Rig

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Ⅰ. Application Scope
The HXY-42T core drill rig, integrated rig with tower into one unit, consists of XY-42 drill rig and mast-type drill tower, with the function of hydraulic lifting and lowering of tower. The rig is simple in structure, reasonable in design, light in weight, easy to operate; it is in a wide range adjusting angle. It is especially suitable for drilling of hole with great slope angle. The tower body of HXY-42T Drill Rig is used as lifting drill tools for drilling vertical as well as inclined holes. The range of adjusting angels (in clock-wise direction) for drilling inclined holes is 0°-90°.
1. The HXY-42T spindle type core drilling rig is integrated with main machine and drill tower. It has a compact structure and a reasonable layout.
2. Owing to its light weight and easy-disassembly, it is easy to maintain and repaired.
3. The drilling rig is driven by double hydraulic cylinder with large stroke up to 600mm (23.62 inch). This, along with its spindle of 93mm (3.66 inch), makes it suitable for various drilling technologies and high drilling efficiency.
4. As for its power, the drilling rig has 8 rotary speeds and a reasonable speed range. Its maximum torque is 3.5 KN·m (2580 lbf·ft).
5. Once there is some trouble in drilling, the two reverse speeds can do great favor.
6. Thanks to the reasonable power and lower oil temperature, the drilling rig can apply simple hydraulic gear pump to supply oil.
7. Its double-action hydraulic chuck guarantees powerful clamping force.
8. The drilling rig possessed high drilling speed because of its smooth movement and low centre of gravity.
9. Equipped with the measuring scale, the drilling rig can master the dynamic condition at the bottom of the hole. This in return improves the safety and reliability of drilling.
Ⅲ. Main Components
The drill tower consists of base, tower body, crown block (pulley mechanism), platform and auxiliary support.
Ⅳ. Main Characteristics
The drill tower is pyramid-mast type. Being light in overall weight, single component being light and limited in disassembly quantity, the tower is convenient for transportation and installation. The tower has its own crown block convenient for ground installation. When the rig is moved back during operation, the tower can be inclined to make up the moved-back distance so as to guarantee the central line between the centers of the hole and pulley. The tower can be adjusted in clock-wise direction for drilling inclined holes. The adjustment is convenient for making and wide in adjusting range. It is suitable for drilling large-angle hole.
Ⅴ. Specifications

Drilling Depth 700—1100 m (2296-3608 feet)
Max. Torque 3.2 KN·m(2358 lbf·ft)
Spindle Stroke 600 mm (23.62 inch)
I.D of Spindle 92 mm(3.62 inch)
Max. Lifting Capacity of Spindle 80 KN(17984 lbf)
Max. Pressure Force of Spindle 60 KN(13488 lbf)
Max. Hoisting Force 30 KN(6744 lbf)
Engine Power 30 KW(40HP)

Ⅵ.Main Sizes

The Nominal Height of Tower 10 m (32.8 feet)
The Nominal Area of Base 4×4 m (13.1×13.1 feet)
The Number of Pulleys 3 or 5 pcs
Max. Load of Mast 100 KN(22480 lbf)
The Load of Movable Work Platform 80Kg (176.4 lb)
Adjusted Angles of Drill Tower 45°-90°
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